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As many of you already know, the knit and crochet community has been forever impacted by the wonderful website, Ravelry.com. 
Started in 2007, Ravelry has changed the way we plan our projects, organize our stash, shop for patterns, connect with other crafters,
and even the way we knit and crochet!  If you haven't made an account on this free website, or if you have no idea how to navigate through its
many resources, we are here to help.  The Knots team has designated this April as Ravelry Awareness Month,
and we want to help you learn how to use Ravelry!

Ravelry Workshops
12 to 2
Saturday, April 5
Wednesday, April 9
Wednesday, April 16
Saturday, April 19

Bring along your laptops, ipads, and iphones, if you have them.  If you work only 
on a desktop, we will have a couple of demo computers to share with you.  See you soon!

Finished Projects CHALLENGE!!!
Can you finish one project every week this month?  Finish four projects, between now and April 30, for your chance to win some
awesome Knotty prizes!  (Knots logo swag may be involved...)  To enter, post your finished projects on Ravelry, add a picture, link
the yarn you bought with Knots as the source, share your project with the Friends of Knots Ravelry Group, and link to your project
page in the Finished Projects Challenge thread.  If you don't know how to do these things, we are here to help!  Come to a workshop!

Geauga County Maple Festival
Thursday, April 24 through Sunday, April 27

In the past, Knots has been closed for the
week of Maple Festival, which takes place
every April on Chardon Square.
This year, however, we will be OPEN!!!

We're also having late knit nights Thursday,
Friday, and Saturday of festival week, until 8.

So bring your knitting bag, get your fair food,
and come hang out at Knots!
(warning: parking will be complicated)

Maple Festival Week Hours:
Tuesday and Wednesday, 10 to 5
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 10 to 8

Gifts of Love
prayer and charity knitting and crochet group

The first meeting of our "Gifts of Love" Prayer and Charity group happened on February 8. 
Thank you to all who came out!  I hope that even more of you will be able to join us next month.

We will be sharing personal and community prayer requests, joining together in fellowship and prayer,
and creating gifts of love for those in our own lives, or for charities close to home or close to our hearts.
Please bring any project you have going or ideas/needs that you have.
We have also put together a bunch of project ideas for you to make for local homeless, hospice,
and cancer patients,
or anyone in your own life who you know needs our prayers.

Gifts of Love group at Knots
Saturday, April 12, 3 to 5-ish

Order your 2014 Knotty Boys Calendar here!

Need help tying up loose ends in one of your recent projects? Knots offers a finishing service to seam, block, or otherwise finish your knitting, and we can even custom-knit full projects to order as well!  Bring us your piece, and we can quote a price for finishing in the shop. Let us do the tough part, and you can start your next project today!

Click here for our
Class Schedule!

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