Seams for Garter Stitch

Hi knitters!  I have put together a video with seaming techniques for garter stitch.  Many of you are making the Semi-Mysterious Sweater Three, later to be known as the Parallels Sweater from Kate Jackson Knits Magazine, SS14 issue.  This video shows how to sew two bound-off garter edges, two vertical garter edges, and a vertical edge to a bound-off edge.  I hope this helps you with your sweater, or with any garter stitch project you’re putting together today!

Garter Stitch Seams

a dash of seasoning

Hi all!  I have made a video to help you through the Seasoning stitch pattern used in the Semi-Mysterious Sweater TWO.  The video shows all of the unique stitches used in this pattern, including how to work the slipped stitch cable without a cable needle, and how to do the short rows within the pattern both conventionally and with knitting backwards.  I hope this helps, and happy knitting!


IMG_0757In case you’re wondering about the sweater, it is a knitalong project currently going on in the Kate Jackson Knits Ravelry group.  The pattern will be released as three separate clues on August 9, August 23, and September 6, 2013. Deadline for prizes will be September 21.  See the pattern page for details!

And the winners ARE……..

The February Challenge is over, and I have FIVE winners to announce to you today!  For week four, Mindy Knotts has won the Knots gift certificate,and Brenda Schultz wins the Berroco Boboli yarn.  Yippee!

There were so many of you who qualified for the three grand prizes by knitting EVERY DAY, and entering EVERY WEEK, for the ENTIRE MONTH!!!  I am officially impressed.  And, I am so excited to give out some sweet prizes!

Beckie Reardon wins the Lug Puddle Jumper, Mary (with a knitting blog) wins the KA Interchangeable needle set, and Anita Joslyn wins the Malabrigo and photography book!  Congratulations!  (I will email all of the winners individually to make sure you get your prizes, whether by picking them up at Knots or sending through the mail.)

What do you think about another challenge in the future?  Did you have fun?  Have you kept up the knitting habit through the beginning of March as well?

February Challenge – final check-in, and week three winners

Congratulations to so many of you who have been successfully knitting every day (or almost every day) this month!  It was a challenge for me at times, and a real joy at times too!  I hope you enjoyed it as mush as I did!  Here’s to knitting again every day in March too, right?

I am happy to announce that Monica M wins the Lug wallet, and Donna C wins the $20 Knots gift certificate for week three!  Thanks again for keeping up and entering last week!

20130302-094946.jpgThis week’s prizes are another Knots gift certificate, and 2 hanks of Berroco Boboli.  Sweet!

As for my own week four progress, I was able to complete both sleeves for my semi-mysterious sweater, and also do some math planning for the yoke in clue four.  I am trying so hard to resist the new Malabrigo until I have a proper plan to create a new design with it!  (soon, very soon)

Okay folks, if you have entered all four weeks, and knit every day this month, you qualify for some major knotty swag!  Serious props go out to all those who kept their needles clicking for the entire month of February!  The grand prizes will be awarded randomly to anyone who has entered ALL FOUR WEEKS, so be sure that your comments landed correctly on the right posts to be counted.

Grand Prize 1: a Lug Puddle Jumper, worth $83.  Touted as a gym/overnight bag, this roomy multipurpose bag is loaded with pockets, and would serve anyone well as a superhero knitting bag!

Grand Prize 2: a KA Bamboo Interchangeable M set, worth $67.  This great set gives you circular needles from size 4 through 8, with lengths of 16 to 45 inches.  That’s right – 16″ circs in an interchangeable set!  You can make hats!  Yippee!!!

Grand Prize 3: four hanks of Malabrigo Worsted, and a copy of The Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos, worth $73.  Knit some beautiful merino lovelies, and then share them online with seriously good photos!

Good luck to all!  Feel free to make recommendations in the comments for our next challenge or activity!


February Challenge – enter now for week three, and see who won for week two!

Hey there everyone!  I hope your month has continued to be as filled with needles and hooks and yarn as mine has!  Thank you all again for joining this Challenge – it’s so encouraging to have all this happy simultaneous craftiness going on!

Congratulations to our Week Two winners – Beth L has won two sets of ChiaoGoo red lace circular needles, and ErinA has won a $20 gift certificate to Knots.  Yahoooooo!!!!


clue two finished

Time for my weekly update:  I’m torn between two lovers, I confess.  I am still knitting, enjoying, and making progress on my Semi-Mysterious Knitalong Sweater.  The Berroco Weekend is so great to knit with, and we’ve seen so much love for this yarn at Knots, we had to restock already!  I’ve finished clue two, written and published clue three, and I’m on to knitting my sleeves.


three infinity motifs done

However much I’m enjoying the sweater, however, I haven’t been able to escape the siren song of that crochet hook!  With the class on our schedule last week, I began my Infinity Wrap with Plymouth Kudo.  This wrap is almost all double crochet, and you make 5 infinity motifs to run down the center.  When they’re done, a border and bobble edging are added to link them together.  I’ve already made three of my five motifs.  Love it!

Okay, it’s time for your report!  If you have knitted or crocheted every day this past week, leave a comment below with your progress, and you’ll be entered to win this week’s prizes!  If you have your projects on Ravelry, please share them with the Friends of Knots Ravelry group so we can all see each others progress!  I am giving away another Knots gift certificate, and a great Double Backflip Wallet from Lug.  Happy knitting!


February challenge – week two check in, and week one winners!

Congratulations to Meredith and Valerie! You are the lucky winners of our first week prizes, courtesy of the random number generator. Meredith wins a Knots gift certificate for $20, and Valerie wins a hank of Dream Club February Everlasting yarn, and the accompanying Trinity Scarf pattern.  Congratulations to all who have been keeping up with the challenge – I know it’s tougher for some of us, and the motivation has really helped me get my crafty mojo back so far this month.

This week I visited the fair isle stocking again, but it was mostly filled with my semi-mysterious sweater, some days more than others for sure. Today I began to crochet an Infinity Wrap with Plymouth Kudo. Yay for new projects! I’m teaching a class on this beauty at Knots this week, and definitely used that as an excuse to start something new! Need my other excuses? “We need another Kudo sample… Crochet is fast, so it really won’t take any time… I’m cold…” You get the idea.

Did you start or finish any projects this week? I may have to start another next week too – we have Malabrigo goodies, treats, and delights coming!  Plus, have you seen the new feature on Ravelry, where they recommend patterns for you based on your favorite designers, projects, and friends?  Dangerous, very dangerous….

Technicalities for the challenge: If you’ve fallen off the bandwagon, you can still jump back in for the third and fourth weeks of February! I’ll be awarding two small prizes each week to that week’s entrants, and at the end of the month I’ll award three biggies to those of you who entered all four weeks. So join us again if you can!

red lace chiaogoo

To enter for the second week of February, leave a comment on this post detailing your crochet and knitting progress for the past seven days, and link to your blog or Ravelry if you’d like to share. This week’s prizes are another Knots gift certificate, and two pairs of ChiaoGoo red lace circular needles, a new favorite of the Knotty girl crowd.  Happy knitting, and happy hooking folks!

February Challenge – time to check in!

Hey everyone! I am so thrilled that so many of you have joined me on this knitting and crochet challenge to do some of our crafting every day in February! It’s been one week, so it’s time to check in.

Here’s my progress: On the first and second, I knit some of my semi-mysterious sweater. I finished the first clue and began the second!


On the third, I made a sweet little pair of fingerless mitts for my daughter Olivia, holding Plymouth Angora and Plymouth Galway together. Can you guess her favorite color?


Monday the fourth, I totally failed! I had every intention to knit once the kids were in bed, even had my snack planned, but Eva decided to stay up LATE, later than me even, and I was nodding off before she was in bed, knitting bag at my side. Bummer! So if you missed a day this week, you get a pass. Don’t count on it next week, though!

Days five and six saw more of the semi-mysterious sweater. Love it! The second clue goes out tomorrow, so stay tuned if you’re doing the knitalong.

Day seven I started a Christmas stocking for Ms. Olivia. There are still spots open in our fair isle stocking classes this Friday and Saturday if you’re interested!


(Don’t worry, Audrey’s in the queue for next week. She needs mitts too!)

Now it’s your turn! Leave a comment below with all the details of your knitting for the first seven days of February. If you’re a blogger, link up, and if your projects are on Ravelry, please link to them so we can all see and be inspired! If you passed the first week, you’re eligible to win one of two prizes: either a $20 Knots gift certificate, or a skein of the AWESOME Dream in Color February Dream Club yarn and pattern.
20130207-164645.jpgComment here to enter, and you will also be qualified for the BIG PRIZES at the end of the month, as long as you come back each week! Winners for this week will be announced here on Friday, February 15. Good luck, and happy knitting!


a February challenge

We all know knitting and crochet are good for us.  Do you want to de-stress, lower your blood pressure, snack less, enjoy some dedicated “me-time”, and make something beautiful this month?  I do!  As a yarn shop owner and knitwear designer, however, I have to admit a little secret.

I don’t knit every day….. gasp!…

I know, it’s a shock.  So I’m going to jump into my crafting with two feet this month.  I need you for friendly support, and if you commit and craft along with me, I’ll give away some prizes!  Gift certificates for Knots, Lug Bags, KA Interchangeable knitting needle sets, and more.  Yep, it’s the good stuff folks.

Contest Rules:

Sign up for the challenge by commenting on this post, then return every week to check in and update us on your progress.

(I will post blog reminders on the Knots facebook page and Ravelry forums.  Just make sure you facebook “like” Knots and add us to your permission settings so you see every post.)

One stitch or eight hours, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s a challenge for you!

I’ll be starting tomorrow by adding several rows to my Semi-Mysterious Sweater knitalong project.  What will have YOUR needles clicking on February 1?

Love, Kate

In the Beginning

Welcome to Episode 4 of the Knotty Girls podcast!  In this episode, we share the stories of how we each began our journeys in the knitting world.  Enjoy!

The Knotty Girls Episode 4

Side Cable RaglanHere is an image of the first sweater Kate ever knit, and also the first pattern she wrote that went on to publication in her first Kate Jackson Knits collection.  The Side Cable Raglan!

Our Knitting Projects

22 leaves, and Kate’s version

Waterlily Top, and Laura’s version

Spikes Strike, and Kate’s version

In this episode, we listened to a couple of great music tracks from the ioda promonet of podsafe music.  Thanks ioda!

This song is sad for the boy who thinks his girl is done with him because she doesn’t call or come home on time.   I think she might just be busy knitting or yarn shopping, and doesn’t realize how much time has passed.  ;-)

Forgone Conclusion

Shotgun Honeymoon
“13″ (mp3)
from “Forgone Conclusion”
(Rock-n-Renew Records)
Buy at iTunes Music Store

And to end, Dreamer’s Beginning, as a tribute to the beginning of our knitting lives.  Thanks to those that got us our start!

Dreamers Circus - EPDreamers Circus
“Dreamers Beginning” (mp3)
from “Dreamers Circus – EP”
(GO’ Danish Folk Music)
Buy at iTunes Music Store

Thanks so much for listening, and please leave us a comment to let us know what you think!

Love, Kate and Laura

Episode Three

 The Knotty Girls Episode 3

Enjoy, and welcome!

Here are some show notes and links, though sorely lacking in visual aid…

Talking about blocking… the super-chunky Umaro Blanket by Jared Flood, knit by Laura with Cascade Lana Grande.

Our music, thanks to ioda promonet:
Cult Hits of the 1960's, Vol. 2The Steam Machine
“She’s A Good Girl” (mp3)
from “Cult Hits of the 1960′s, Vol. 2″  (Fervor Records)
Buy at iTunes Music Store

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  Have you read it yet?  We loved it, and I just bought the second and third in the trilogy today!  Join our book club Thursday night, March 1, 5 to 7.

Knots class schedule…  Seeing stars crochet, beginner sweaters, learn something new!

Thanks to all the knotty girls who have knit pieces of the blanket for Jake!  He’s back in Northeast Ohio, and we’ll be getting ready to deliver the finished blanket to him soon.  I hope you enjoyed hearing Jake with his Chardon Polka Band!

And, last but certainly not least, we are so excited to announce that Brenda Dayne of Cast On is coming to Knots!  We’re still working out the details, but you can go ahead and block off May 18 – 20 on your calendars. We’ll keep you posted about classes as soon as we have all the info!  In the meantime, get caught up on HER podcast here!

By the way, congratulations to Alisha for winning our bumper sticker contest from the first episode.  We hope you’re enjoying your October Dream Club yarn Alisha!

Thanks again for listening, and happy knitting to all the knotty girls!